30 Day Book Challenge |29

A book that everyone hated, but that you liked.

– Again, not a book but a genre. Christian books; not inspirational, not motivational. Christian.  I rarely come across people who read and genuinely enjoy non-fiction Christian literature.

Honestly it would never have occurred to me to read them either if a friend had not only recommended but also handed me a copy. So I suppose it’s not so much a case of hate as it is unaware.

Cue time for me to pay it forward?


30 Day Book Challenge |28

Favorite title of a book.

– Of the ones that i’ve read? Nobbut A Lad by Alan Tichmarsh.  Of the ones that i’m slated to read? In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day by Mark Batterson.

Shadows Don’t Hurt

The beauty of books is that they have the ability to take us out of the immediate eye of our own storms and  into a different space, a different place, a different time. They let us into someone else’s story and in the end (where the story was well told) we’ll have rested enough to take on the battle before us and what’t more, we’ll have the answer(s) we need to be able to overcome. This is what Shadow’s Don’t Hurt does.

It would be difficult for me to tell you any more without revealing the plot but there were some truly poignant scenes; the treatment that the busboy (waiter) at Mama Maria’s receives from Becky and her friends on their night out. Becky breaking down at the petrol station in the wake of the storm.  DJ’s response when she reached out to him for help.

It’s a simple book, an easy read whose simplicity belies it’s strength and i’d recommend it to anyone to whom life has thrown a curve-ball for which they find themselves terribly unprepared.


———- Shadows Don’t Hurt by Linda Massey Weddle ———-

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