30 Day Book Challenge |4

Favorite book of your favorite series.

Second Chance,  Book II of The A.D. Chronicles. The prologue!…


Adonai spoke to her softly as He formed her.

I AM sending you.

Adonai loved her, created her as a reflection of His great love. He swam beside her as she emerged from the warmth of the womb into the cold, far country called Life.

She hesitated. Tried to turn back..

He compelled her to go on. Breathe! Don’t be afraid! You are sent by Me beyond what you imagine are the boundaries of your world.

At His urging she gasped, taking in her first breath of this new and foreign place. She wailed and longed for the steady beat of her mother’s heart against her back.

But He stood by her cradle and touched her face in the night and comforted her.Don’t be afraid of anything! You are a tree. Let beauty and light and terror rage around you like a storm! It will not harm you!

She longed for the safety of His presence. Her spirit begged to turn back.

He commanded her to go forward on the journey. I AM your ship, your sail, your captain. I AM the wind, the water, the lighthouse guiding you to your destination!

Together we will sail a great distance, face many sorrows, overcome great trials. Do not fear the journey. Trust Me! We travel together, you and I. Together! Together we carry priceless treasure to those who wait on the desolate shore.

Go on then! Live! Fearless!

Yes! That’s my girl!

You will find the lost ones, like driftwood twisted and forsaken, strewn along the path of your own suffering. Find them. Embrace them. Feed them. Carry them. I AM at your side every step of the journey! And when we return home again together? Together those who were lost before you came will travel back with us!

And so her father named her Shoshana, which means “Lily”. She was a beautiful child.


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